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Villanelle has spent the last ten years on Broadway struggling to catch her big break. When she runs into her college roommate, Audrey--One of New York's most talked about socialites, Villanelle is offered a unique way to put her acting skills to the test and make more money than she could dream of on stage. 

The friends devise a scheme for Villanelle to seduce Audrey's no-good husband in order to nullify their prenup. When the plan goes off without a hitch, Villanelle finds herself caught up in a jet-setting lifestyle helping rich women all over the country divorce their cheating husbands. 

When her newest assignment takes Villanelle back to her hometown, she discovers the man she's been hired to seduce is her high school sweetheart, Sawyer. Will Villanelle be able to complete her mission without exposing herself, and the women who've hired her, as a homewrecker for hire?

***There is cheating in this book but not within the romance***

Note to Readers:
This novel is also dedicated to the girls out there who nobody understands. Girls who feel pressure to conform to certain rules of society that may not fit what is best for their own lives. Homewrecker for Hire isn’t just about women trying to find loopholes in their prenuptial agreements to get out of marriage and take some money with them. This book is about a woman, Villanelle, who wants to be able to live life the way she wants, without the judgement that her friends and colleagues put on her to be someone else. Homewrecker for Hire is about loving a woman for who she is fully, without conditions, judgement, and expectations. Moreover, it is a reminder to women that our pasts do not define us and things we’ve gone through and the hard choices we sometimes have to make do not deem us unworthy of love.

Signed Paperback Homewrecker for Hire

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