Sneak Peak into White's Rabbits Featured in Twisted Wonderland Releasing 8.31.18

August 18, 2018

Sneak Peak at a scene from White's Rabbits, featured in Twisted Wonderland releasing 8.31.18 



“You’re new here.” A voice, sultry and feminine, spoke from in front of me. 
“Who's there?” I called out toward the trees. 
Suddenly, a pair of bright- purple-and-black-striped knee-highs dropped from a tree branch. A woman was attached to the legs wearing them. You could tell she was a woman from her large tits and wide hips, but her pigtails and heavy makeup make her look more like a child’s doll than a woman. I wondered how old she was, hoping she was as young as she was trying to make herself look. 
“What’s your name, stranger?” she asked, skipping toward me. 
“Who wants to know?”
She stopped in her tracks, crossed her arms, and raised one eyebrow in


my direction. “Oh, I know who you are. I was just trying to be polite…John White. You’re late, by the way. She isn’t going to be happy.”
The woman-child tapped her foot in annoyance at me. She looked ridiculous standing there in her brightly striped dress. I half-expected her to pull a lollipop from her dress pockets—maybe even a pacifier. Instead, she motioned me forward, and before I even made the choice, my legs were moving one in front of the other, all on their own. 
“How are you doing that! Stop!” I shouted at the pixie-like girl in front of me. I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks. 
“John. In Wonderland, you do only the things you want to do. Here, your deepest desires are attainable. If you want something, you CAN get it. However, right now, my desire to get you to Queen Rosa is probably going to outweigh any desire you could possibly have, so let's go!” 
I jerked forward, and my feet started moving once again. “Stop it! You can’t do this. I don’t want this, so stop! You say people only do what they want to do, well I don’t want this!”
“Oh, John,” she said without looking back, still ten paces or so in front of me but heading toward the woods. “You do want this. Trust me and trust yourself. Maddox chose you for a reason. Rosa needs you.”
“Maddox is a wife-stealing, fucking asshole!” I spat toward her but missed. I could still see the turn of her lip as she sneered in disgust. 


“Dorie wanted to be stolen, John. Otherwise, Maddox wouldn’t have been able to take her. He’s been looking for a companion for so long, and Dorie is just his type.” The woman-child stated these facts as though the entire situation was perfectly normal. Clearly, a sane person would realize it was not.
“None of this makes any sense! Where are we? How did I even get here? Where’s my wife?” I rattled off question after question, expecting answers to none of them. 
“Isn’t it obvious, John?” 
We were almost to the tree edge. The air grew colder and quieter. No birds sang from within the forest that looked to be at a permanent state of dusk with its thick canopy not allowing for much sunlight to reach the forest floor. The closer we got, now just a few feet away, I began to notice how strange the forest really was. The large trees had long branches that


seemed to scratch the ground and wave in a wind that did not exist. 
“I ain’t going in there.” I planted my heels into the dirt path we were following and was able to slow my approach. 
“Don’t worry, we aren’t going into the woods. That’s dangerous. Queen Rosa has a rabbit hole that will take us to the castle. It’s just inside the tree that marks the entrance to the Dark Woods. Never venture into the woods, John.”



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