Excerpt From "Blood Lust"

April 13, 2018

Blood Lust is my first published short story and is featured in A Deadly World: Vampires in New York, presented by Enchanted Anthologies. This short excerpt is part of the first encounter between Tillie, a human woman, and Sadie, a female vampire. 



“You remind me of a mouse I had as a child. Small, timid, afraid...and lonely. She was the cutest mouse out of the dozens that had been born in our outbuilding, but all the other mice hated her. She had no friends, mama mouse abandoned her and she was all alone, dying on a pile of straw when I found her. I knew my father wouldn’t allow her in the house but I took her in anyways and nursed her back to health myself.”
She continued to run her fingers up and down my back as she got lost in thought. I cleared my throat and tried to sound as calm and brave as possible when I asked her, 
“What happened after you got her healthy again?”
Sadie dropped her hand from my back and sat up straight. 
“My father found her one morning when I was trying to sneak some butter to her. He bit her head off in front of me.”
“Oh” was all I could manage to come up with in response. 
Sadie was a vampire, but my heart hurt for her nonetheless. I couldn’t imagine having a father that would be so vicious as to bite the head off of a living animal. 


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Releases April 30

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